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No matter the business, technology is crucial for success in today’s present economy. While the business practices of the past could avoid relying on technology that is no longer the case. However, most businesses find it difficult to operate effectively without the latest technology. When companies attempt to purchase technology for their office or transfer to a new system, they may find it is much more difficult than they first thought.

With so many brands and different types of technology, even the act of getting a single computer monitor can become complicated. Questions that people need to think about when purchasing any office tech include “Will it work with the current system?” “Is this the right brand?” “Can we support this device?” and more. Fortunately, we can help navigate this process.

Our Team

Our team takes the time to identify the needs of your business and strive to help you reach greater levels of success. We will help to organize, consult, maintain and install a variety of technological services. A business needs the proper equipment, along with the proper system in order to function at full capacity. We understand there is no one-design-fits-all solution for businesses and take the time to find the solution for each individual client. We will work with you to ensure that it meets your needs and vision. We have the engineers and architects to build a stable system from the ground up. By enhancing the system your business needs to function, we can promote productivity.

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Our Services

At Trypticom Technologies, we provide a variety of technological services for clients. We can act as both outsource technical support and a more frequent technical consultant. When it comes to keeping the technology for a business running properly, it is important to have people who are familiar with the system working on it. By hiring us, we can continue to provide maintenance and help people receive the services they need. We provide consulting, support and solutions for computer, network, VoIP systems, disaster recovery, cloud migration, integration, software lifecycle, network security and virtualization services. As outsourced IT support, we can provide system engineering to help clients get the most out of their technology.

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Client Information

To begin the process, we will need clients to schedule a consultation with us so that we can meet with them and learn about their business. During the meeting, we will review the client’s business and their current technological system. This includes phones, computers, internet, printers, network, fax machines, you name it. We will then review what the client needs and where the main issues occur. By gathering this information, we can help determine the most effective course of action for the client. Whether the client simply needs new computers or a new router with updates to the current phone system, we will be able to help. The first step is to give us a call today.