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Network Infrastructure

Computer and Network Design

We take pride when it comes to building solutions. There are a lot of factors when it comes to designing like scalability, best practices, and reliability. Let us engage our engineers to assist you in building the proper infrastructure.

Routing and Switching

The most important part of your data center or closet is the network layer. Putting in network components also require proper programming to acquire optimization and scalability. Let our network engineers help you with your current and/or new solution today.

Network Security

Anyone can put in a network, but is it secure? Technology has changed in a way that security is often overlooked. Personal (BYOD), vendors, partners, and company devices all join company networks these days. Are your devices and data secured? Is your data center or closet locked down with proper access controls with surveillance? Let our security engineers assist you with any security needs.


Wireless technology is heavily used everywhere now. It is such a convenience to wireless users, but what if it is not working properly? You will experience disconnects, failures, slowness, and even anger! Not only can we cover all of the inside perimeter, but outside as well. We know how important it is to be up and running because time down is money gone. Let our network/wireless engineers help you with a wireless solution.


When it comes to a managing systems and networks, you will need monitoring to assist you. We can help you setup and provide monitoring solutions, so that you can sleep. That’s right, sleep! Be at ease when you know you will be alerted when an incident arises. Let our engineers help you, so that you are prepared!



One of the many problems that we have seen in a failing design is optimization. Without optimizing your systems and components you will notice that even spending a lot of money on a new implementation will not help you. We can help you optimize and even maintain your environment.


One of the best technologies to date is Virtualization. With virtualization, you can reduce footprint and resources with benefits such as minimized downtime, disaster recovery, and many more. Virtualization is also known to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs. Let our engineers help you to maintain or implement a virtual infrastructure.


Do you want better availability for your applications while optimizing resources and disk utilization? Is a need for disk space and having disks on a standalone server not enough? Are your backups taking too long and eating up your resources while doing so? Having a SAN (Storage Area Network) will help with all of this and more. Have our storage engineers help you with a solution today!

Unified Communications


There are many advantages when it comes to changing your telephony platform. Using VoIP (Voice Over IP) allows your company to scale easily, control the quality of the call, integrate with other services like SMS and more. Let our voice engineers assist with providing a solution that works for your company.


You are using SMS (Short message service) in one of the many ways today like text messaging from your cell phone; however, there are many more useful ways to use SMS. There are many SMS platforms out there that allow communication to be at your fingertips. Inquire about what our engineers can do for you!

Web and Video Conference

More and more team members are divided through geographical regions as technology changes. In order to connect them, there would be travel expenses involved traditionally. We can help you alleviate those costs to implement a platform that will allow teams to communicate effectively through video conference. Let us help you communicate more effectively and in a timely manner!

Data Center

Network Cabling

Wire and Cable Management

We at Trypticom Technologies, takes pride in our craft. Any data center or closet starts with the foundation of wiring: from Cat6, Cable TV, DirecTV and CCTV. Wire management is a must for safety reasons as well as pure organizational reasons. Keeping wires and cables labeled helps with future service calls; in return, saving the client time and money. Our dedication of our organization skills starts here.

Relocation and Cable Installation

Moving to a new office location can be hectic all by itself. Let us guide you through the moving pains and take away the stressful duties so you can concentrate on keeping the business running as well as moving forward. We can take care of packing up systems, network components, computers, unplugging printers, and labeling wires/cables.

Power Design

One of the most important design phases is power. Businesses use technology and technology is driven by power. Having sufficient power is very important and often overlooked. Not here! We understand the importance of power management as well as power redundancy. Without power, we all know of the outcome. Our design team will think of it all.

Rack Design and Implementation

For a brand new project we design a full server, audio video rack system that will house not only today’s equipment but the ability to grow the system into anything you might need in the future. From wire risers to a dedicated AC unit to keep things running cool.

Office Perimeter Security

Surveillance Cameras

Having surveillance cameras not only help to keep outside thieves away, but it also keeps your work environment safe and professional. Humans do human things so having a silent eye is always a great idea to let everyone who is thinking of bending some rules to think again. Thus, having several cameras can assist in keeping a professional environment and keeping the task at hand the main objective.

Badge Controlled Access System

If you are a company dealing with a lot of private information, then stepping up the security access to the office is important. Give access to only people who need access! With an access card control system, you can keep track and have a log or a record of who comes in and out as well as the time of occurrence. We also do custom door entry, since every system has different needs and wants. Contact us and see how we can keep your business safe and secure within.

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