The Importance of Network Security Assessments

Network assessments are one of the most essential IT practices that can be completed for a business or company. Companies and organizations of all sizes, types, and niches should conduct network assessments at specific intervals. Think of a network assessment as an essential review that studies the flow of traffic, security design principles, network solutions and additional security information. Some IT services even go as far as conducting interviews with key stakeholders to obtain a comprehensive understanding of critical infrastructure, data flows, and overarching security.

Network assessments prevent data theft

Take a moment to imagine how difficult daily operations would be if a business could not access its most important information they have. From internal data pertaining to trade secrets and business strategies to valuable client information, companies must protect data with every IT solution available. Network assessments are one of the best ways of preventing data theft. Conduct a network security risk assessment, and it will be much more challenging for hackers to access sensitive information stored on computer hard drives, servers, and the cloud.

Perhaps most importantly, network security risk assessments preserve client relationships. If client data is compromised, those paying customers will move on to the next IT solutions provider without hesitation. Our IT solutions providers typically recommend running a network assessment at least once each year. Once this assessment is performed, the business and clients will be able to exchange information without worry about whether a hacker will steal it.

An improved understanding of the environment’s security

Lean on our IT support team for the network security assessment, and we will provide you and your business in-depth information about the network environment’s security. This information is necessary to protect data, keep business operations running and please clients. Our IT solutions providers are also willing to provide recommendations to enhance security. Businesses and organizations of all types need this expert advice to make prudent decisions about information architecture and data security. A full understanding of the environment, key network segments and other nuances of tech improves security protections at the perimeter, through internal security measures and beyond.

Minimize network downtime

Network security assessments often show one or multiple ways in which hackers can access the network and transmit a nasty virus. What matters most is that the business owner or manager is willing to be proactive. Digital security shortcomings noted by our IT solutions team should be addressed proactively before downtime even occurs. The last thing a business needs is extensive downtime that diminishes productivity. Downtime also dramatically reduces employee productivity and angers clients. Furthermore, network downtime sabotages sales and possible leads. As every business owner and manager knows, sales are fundamental to success in today’s highly competitive business environment. There is no room for network downtime or information being compromised.

Our IT solutions providers are a phone call away

Give us a call to learn more about network security assessments and our IT solutions. Our IT consulting team know how to seamlessly fortify networks and prevent devastating attacks.

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