Popular Managed IT Services

IT ServicesManaged IT services refer to information technology services provided by a third-party service provider to a client. In a managed service setting, the managed service provider is responsible for making the IT service and equipment serve their purposes, while the client pays a monthly or yearly fee for receiving the service.

Managed IT services come in different forms, but the primary aim is to remove the trouble of managing IT from the client to the service provider. In a properly managed service association, the customer enjoys reasonable pricing and the chance to directly focus on essential business dealings instead of IT management tasks.

Popular managed IT services

IT backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are now the core elements of business and crucial aspects of information management. Accessibility and quality of information, or lack thereof, may have direct consequences on profits and revenues, including the company’s reputation. Managed service providers (MSP) help organizations to monitor and control their backup and disaster recovery setup to improve reliability, reduce risks and allow businesses to focus on critical initiatives.

Security compliance

Cyber threats are becoming rampant. Companies need to improve their security framework and make their systems invulnerable to cyber attacks. This service aims to create security solutions unique to the company while considering every critical detail with security and risk implications.

Collaboration solutions

Effective collaboration is vital in any work environment where the employees are geographically separated. Collaboration solutions are designed to build a reliable, premium way for companies to collaborate with end users while ensuring a synergetic workforce. This managed IT service includes constant monitoring and ongoing support to keep companies on the path to success.

Managed database

Database management can be complicated, energy demanding and may require a team of experts to keep the database working optimally. Since database management is often the most important aspect of any application framework, it is one of the most crucial elements of any business’ success.

With this managed service, companies can enjoy database management, database patching, database upgrades, performance evaluation, fully monitored cloud hosting and tuning. Managed service providers will ensure that the databases that are vital to a company’s existence are always running at the best performance and are readily available to support the essential applications of the organization.

Enterprise applications

This service aims to reduce the time companies spend on managing applications and allows them to focus on other important aspects of the business. This service can cover everything from working support provisions to application administration. Regardless of the application software used by your systems, this service will ensure you get customized, premium remote application management.

Managed network services

With the increasing convergence of conventional networks with the latest technologies, IT teams are faced with the challenge of speeding up network transformation while meeting their business needs.

Managed network services cover network infrastructure elements such as firewalls, switches, load balancers and routers, which could otherwise be time-consuming for an in-house IT team. With this service, companies have the assurance that the core of their business is fully functional and ready to meet their ever-increasing digital needs.


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