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Regardless of the type of business you run, office perimeter security is essential. Not only do you and your employees need the peace of mind of knowing you are safe at work, but you have to protect sensitive materials too. You cannot afford any security breaches, especially if you run a data center. Office perimeter security is the process of controlling access to entry and exit points, so make sure you choose the right option.

Office perimeter security is available at Trypticom Technologies in Westminster and the surrounding area. Our IT consulting firm can show you areas where your center needs to improve its security. We will also recommend solutions to help block unauthorized visitors or personnel to your facility. Do not put your information and systems at risk any longer.

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Securing the Building

The most efficient security measures will seek to protect the client’s employees along with the critical equipment, data and tools. At Trypticom Technologies, our goal is to put people at ease, so they know intruders will not be able to enter the facility.

While effective, locking doors is not sufficient to secure the perimeter of a company’s building. To enhance security, our IT consulting firm has the following interventions:

  • Security cameras in hallways and at entry points
  • Access card readers at doors
  • Enhanced locking systems and mechanisms
  • Alarm systems
  • Motion sensors

The Security Measures for Your Needs

When our IT consulting firm meets with a prospective client, we will review the layout of the company’s facility. We will also take a look at any current security measures the company may have in place. There will be a discussion of what has worked and has not worked in the past. Clients are free to share concerns and talk about goals to improve office perimeter security.

Our team will recommend changes or additions to the security system. We will go over the length of time implementation may take. We will continue to provide updates to the clients as we work on their office. If the company ever needs maintenance or repairs on the security system, then they only need to give us a call.

Benefits of Our Services

With proper office perimeter security, companies will be able to defend themselves against break-ins, intrusion, breaches in security and more. We can help to install the necessary equipment around a building to help keep employees and the property safe. We understand the challenges and pressing needs for good security.

We can determine the specific entry points or hallways that need cameras along with card readers and advanced locking systems. With the installation of a security system, we can also review the various functions and how to use the equipment.

Installing Perimeter Security Alarms and Systems

While we will do everything we can with the installation process, we will need the client to work with us in planning out the process. Not only will we need access to the building and systems, but we may need to complete this work during the workday. In the consultation, we can break down the details and map out a schedule.

The client may want to inform other employees that our team will be installing perimeter security equipment. If the client has any questions or concerns about the process, then they need to speak up beforehand. Our goal is to help the client and employees feel safe and secure. To help make this a reality, we will recommend top-of-the-line equipment.

We can also protect the most confidential essential data and information in the building with multiple safety checkpoints. Once we finish installing the system, we will review everything with the client. This step will include going over the proper use of the equipment. If there are any issues with the system, the client can call us, and we will send someone out as soon as possible.

When one considers the risks of having poor security, it is plain to see why office perimeter security is crucial. Firms lose millions of dollars due to stolen data or systems. Companies may have to shut down for a time, which can hinder the firm’s competitive edge or production. These security solutions can help company management rest well at night to know that watchful eyes are looking after the facility after-hours.

Start Protecting Your Building Today

If you have not made it a priority to secure your facility, make the necessary changes today. Call us today at 657-206-6821 to set up a time when we can discuss our services and how we can enhance the security in your office. Today, it is more important than ever to take these issues seriously with a responsible approach to building security.

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