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Regardless of what type of business practice you have, network security is crucial for the protection of your data and systems. We can help you set up the network security your system needs. There are always risks to one's data, now more than ever before. Network security protects the integrity and functionality of your computer, preventing unauthorized access, modification and use.

Network security solutions are available at Trypticom Technologies in Westminster and the surrounding area. There is no reason to feel vulnerable or nervous about your systems, their performance and safety. Our IT consulting firm can provide professional advice and useful recommendations to shore up your infrastructure.

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Preventing a Data Breach

No matter what products a company makes, markets or the type of industry in which it operates, network security is critical. Companies produce and keep endless amounts of information. These may include documents, files, pictures, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, client information and more.

Losing any of this information could put an organization at serious risk, hurting a company’s reputation with the public and customers. A breach of security could also harm profitability and growth. If activities compromise data security, the following can suffer:

  • Financial information about the company
  • Personal information about employees or clients
  • Confidential company matters such as trade secrets

As technology continues to increase, hackers and thieves are devising new ways to steal data. With internet scams and computer viruses, it is crucial to have a reliable security system in place. Along with that, we can also provide system maintenance to keep a client's network security up to date. Our goal is to help clients keep their data safe so they can continue to run their business without worry.

Professional Network Security

Companies that try to continue working without up-to-date security or no network security put their entire business at risk. In this day and age, many forms of business transactions, purchases, orders, appointments and services are online. Due to this, professionals need proper security or risk less business from clients unwilling to work with them.

At Trypticom Technologies, we work with businesses of all sizes to bolster network security. Our IT consulting firm evaluates a company's current network security system before we determine what improvements a business should make. Our team will help companies set up appropriate defenses and equip them with many layers of security to stop the most damaging threats to them. Three main areas of focus on network security include:

  • Controlling access
  • Email security
  • Antivirus software

Controlling Access

We will help improve a company’s access control to all networks. Business managers need to recognize everyone who gets onto their company network. Access control also monitors who use company devices. Our IT professionals will give a manager the tools to block users or give people limited access.

Once in place, the systems can help identify noncompliant individuals. They can also deter others from trying to get on the network and use other devices for non-work-related activities.

Email Security

With few exceptions, every business uses email to communicate. With this method, employees can send messages to co-workers, partners, vendors, customers and prospective clients. Unfortunately, emails are a common way for attackers to send malware and other harmful materials. Our IT professionals can discuss and recommend appropriate email security applications.

These can block suspicious senders and can identify spam to prevent the loss of confidential information. We can also train staff members to recognize illegitimate emails and to be wary of suspicious attachments or links in certain messages.

Antivirus Software

Hackers are famous for infecting computers and systems with malware. These include worms, viruses, Trojan viruses and Ransomware. These can slow down a computer’s performance or even steal data and information. Our network security solutions focus on software to block these attacks.

We will recommend software to scan for malware on the network before installing it into the company's system. The software will also be able to track files to remove malware. Even more importantly, these measures can clean up and repair the damage malware leaves behind.

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Trypticom Technologies has the knowledge and training to provide the necessary assistance. Our IT professionals understand the challenges businesses face. We can review a company’s current measures and suggest areas of concern. Businesses cannot afford to operate without effective security methods.

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