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We can help to set up cloud storage services to secure your company's data. While people may prefer to keep content on their hard drive, space is limited. With a cloud storage system in place, companies can store large quantities of data and files without issue. Cloud storage services allow people to access data on a remote server through an internet connection.

Cloud storage services setups are available at Trypticom Technologies in Westminster and the surrounding area. With cloud storage, you can avoid taking up excess space on hard drives, networks and servers. We can help you maintain this system for organization and easy access.

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Increasing Space with Cloud Storage

In years past, people and businesses used physical files in filing cabinets, desk drawers and cabinets. For more confidential information, companies may have taken photographs onto microfilm. Other companies will keep boxes full of crucial documents in storage. While effective, the amount of space traditional methods take up is not always worth it.

Even the latest in computer technology have limited hard drive space. Thus, the cloud storage system is an efficient alternative for businesses to consider. Our team will go over the proper use of the cloud storage system and the ease of access. Contrary to what some managers may fear, we strive to set up a secure storage system.

While the company may need to access the storage via an internet connection, we will ensure the employees understand how to access it.

The Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

The ideal storage system has a larger capacity for data, ease of access and a reliable security system. Not only can we help set up cloud storage services, but we can also help install a network security system. This way, our clients can avoid alternative forms of storage and the benefits of proper network security.

Other benefits of using cloud storage include:

  • Being able to upload a large quantity of data
  • Having a backup of crucial documents and data available
  • Not having to keep manual copies of every document
  • Ease of access when searching for specific files
  • An organized storage system

Having a backup of files on a cloud storage system is crucial for the cases in which a computer or server crashes.

Available Cloud Options

At Trypticom Technologies, we educate our clients on different cloud storage services. Different services may work well for one company than others. We can evaluate a company’s storage needs and recommend a product to handle the data load. We will also make sure it is accessible for the appropriate people and proper use. Some of the most common cloud storage options include:

  • Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon Drive

We will help the client determine the most effective cloud storage option to meet their needs. Depending on the desired purpose, we will go over the transition process with the client and the steps they need to take.

What Cloud Storage Services Provide

While transferring files to the cloud can seem simple enough, it is crucial to ensure the process runs smoothly. Each cloud-based storage services offer various levels of storage to purchase. We can help measure how much space the client will need to hold their current data and how much more they will need to maintain the continued influx of data.

People can choose more moderate options such as 500 GB or move up to 2TB. Some services allow users to create documents, spreadsheets and slides directly to the Cloud. Users can access these services on a PC, Mac or smartphone anytime, anywhere. Along with that, uploading files to the cloud is easy and secure.

Our team will go over the necessary steps for uploading, using, saving and sharing documents with other employees. In many cases, companies benefit from the ability for multiple employees to access shared file services. This way, there is less of a need to have to print out documents, email vital information or struggle to view documents.

Secure Access

Trypticom Technologies wants to help companies find the data storage system that works well for them. Our IT consulting firm will work with companies to evaluate the amount of storage they have, present solutions and recommend options. We can also help troubleshoot any technical difficulties during the set-up process.

Our team of professionals has the knowledge and training to answer any questions and resolve concerns that customers may have. We will also explain the benefits and drawbacks of any Cloud services.

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Any loss of data could have awful consequences for your profitability and viability as a company. Fortunately, you can use our guidance to select the right cloud storage services. Give us a call today at 657-206-6821 and speak to our IT professionals about how you can move your files securely to cloud storage services.

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